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Bert has been with Eddie Stobart Europe for 24 years and today can refer to himself as Operations director VFL automotive.

After 24 years, my enthusiasm for my job is still enormous.

What attracted you to join Eddie Stobart Europe 24 years ago?

I have always had a fondness for cars and transport. I did not study logistics, but my interest in it was intense. I started as a Planner at the head office in Genk, and there I set my first steps as a Manager. Subsequently, I was promoted to Transport Manager and later to this current position, Operations director. We also have an office in Prague which I visit once a month. After 24 years, my enthusiasm for my job is still robust.

What does your job as Operations director VFL automotive entail exactly?

I am Operations director VFL automotive of Eddie Stobart Europe. It means that I am responsible for Belgium but also for the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. I monitor the day-to-day operations at home and abroad, keep an eye on what our trucks are doing to deploy them optimally and guarantee efficient operation for our customers. I am also responsible for the tender processes. I extend contracts, look at new opportunities and make the calculations for the customer.

Are there career opportunities for everyone at Eddie Stobart Europe?

We are expanding tremendously, and this means there will be more opportunities for our employees. Thanks to our new management team, there are possibilities for all employees and at every level. That also characterises Eddie Stobart Europe. We think it is essential that everyone contribute because we have grown into a strong company since we are all pulling the same weight. I am proud of the path that I have been able to follow here, but even more proud of the evolution that this company has gone through, and still, the end of the road is far away.

How do its customers perceive this company?

We are known for the quality we deliver. For the Belgian market, we often are deployed for events. Thanks to our know-how, we bring every assignment to a successful conclusion. We are also known as a progressive company. In the field of business, we only used to do car transport and car storage. Now we can deliver cars ‘customer ready’ to the customer. For seven years we have had a general cargo department, in other words, regular transport. So we are making progress. We aim to be the best. That is why we invest in the most delicate equipment, train our staff well and communicate transparently with our customers. This combination has earned us the trust of the dealers, and we are proud of that. Our drivers are friendly, reliable and careful with the vehicles.

Why should you choose Eddie Stobart Europe as a driver?

The drivers who work for us have many years of seniority. Thus they enjoy being here, but also that we can offer them job security. Moreover, we work with high-quality material, and each driver has his truck which he can take home with him. Our in-house trainer trains a truck driver without automotive experience. Here they truly invest in you and listen to you. They can also choose what time they start driving, as long as they are on the road before five in the morning. Due to our excellent customer relations, we have made arrangements with our clients so that the drivers can deliver at early hours.

Furthermore, you will be part of a great team where there is laughter and pleasant conversation. Everybody knows everybody and can get along with each other. We love to see motivated drivers with an affinity for cars!

New Project (29) (1)

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