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Ambitious Jules is 23 years old and can call himself a Load Planner at Eddie Stobart Europe.

There are career development opportunities here, and I am looking forward to building my career here.

What exactly does your job as a Load Planner at Eddie Stobart Europe entail?

I am a Load Planner for the drivers of general transport. I take care of the planning of the trailers and ensure the loads for the customers arrive on time. I communicate with both the customer and our drivers, but also with the warehouse. Good communication is essential in our sector, so I make sure of that. I ensure that everything is planned and loaded on time. Once the trailers are packed, I see that the goods arrive at the customer at the agreed time. I use a programme to communicate with my drivers, so they know the planning and receive these messages on their mobile phones. Although I don’t see them personally every day, I try to chat regularly when they are here. I think it is also essential to let them know that their work is appreciated.

How does an average working day look to you?

My working day starts at half-past eight in the morning here in Genk. The first thing on my to-do list is to drop by our warehouse to see which trailers are empty and which are loaded. I do this so urgent goods can be the first to leave. In this way, I work quickly and efficiently, but it is also clear to the driver that he can do his job well. Once done, I check my mailbox. I then do second planning for the drivers and see where they can stop to pick up goods, so they don’t return empty. If something goes wrong, they can always reach me by phone. We immediately look at the possibilities and seek solutions to solve the problem as quickly as possible. If I need support, I can always turn to my helpful colleagues.

Why do you like working here?

I find it a challenging job, and the atmosphere in this company is excellent. I had that feeling from the very first moment during my conversation with Katrijn, my supervisor. That was a very positive conversation, and the connection was there immediately! Eddie Stobart Europe is a growing company, and I am still young, eager to learn, and ambitious. There are growth opportunities here, and I am willing to develop my career further.
Moreover, I am part of a lovely team. We help each other and want to do our utmost to get the best result. That passion is in everyone, including our drivers. I am pleased to have joined Eddie Stobart Europe. I will sign my permanent contract with complete conviction because I intend to stay here for a long time to come!

What kind of driver would you like to have in your team?

An enthusiastic and passionate person with a positive attitude towards the job. You must do your utmost to complete every job well. As a driver at Eddie Stobart Europe, you have a lot of variety. There are various tasks for our drivers. Eddie Stobart Europe is a growing company, so it is crucial that he also wants to move forward and be part of our success story.

Why work for Eddie Stobart as a driver?

Even though we are expanding rapidly, the atmosphere here is familiar and cheerful. There is open communication with each other, lots of laughter, but we are also serious when we need to be. Eddie Stobart Europe is a progressive company with growth opportunities for everyone. Not only do you join a great team, but also a company that offers job security for its employees. Your work is appreciated here, and you will certainly feel that.

New Project (29) (1)

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