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Artur is a proud Team Leader in the warehouse of the expanding transport company Eddie Stobart Europe.

No one here does the same tasks two days in a row.

Did you start in the position of Team Leader?

No, I used to work as a Warehouseman for Eddie Stobart Europe. At that time, I was self-employed as a secondary profession, and I divided my time between my moonlighting and my job as a Warehouse Worker. When I heard that the team leader position was open, I seized the opportunity. Now, one year on, I am proud of what I have achieved at Eddie Stobart Europe.

Did you already have experience as a Warehouseman?

Indeed, I had already gained some experience as a Warehouseman in the transport world. I worked for a distribution company for six years. Then I thought it was time for a change, and I came here to apply. I am experiencing nothing but benefits here! Eddie Stobart Europe is a dynamic company that respects its employees. Another advantage is that I live only five minutes away. I’m about to fetch my children from school!

What are your tasks as Team Leader of the Eddie Stobart Europe warehouse?

The planning arrives, and then I distribute the work to the warehouse workers. I ensure that everything is done in the proper order and by the right person. No one does the same tasks two days in a row. I make sure that everyone has enough variety and also has the necessary working materials. The structure is essential to me. That is why the warehousemen seem to be very relaxed, even though they are swamped. They know what to do and can always come to me if they need help. Just as my manager treats me with kindness and respect, I do the same with my employees. If something went wrong, I constructively give my feedback. That is what helps the most. Furthermore, I think it is vital that everyone in my team feels good. I also want them to be appreciated, so I regularly pat my team on the back.

How does the communication with other departments work?

The communication with automotive and general transport is very smooth and pleasant. We have regular contact with each other. Everyone is very collegiate, friendly and helpful. After all, we all have the same goal: to make this company grow together. In all departments of this company, there is a positive atmosphere and a good mentality. I am proud that I can do my bit as Team Leader because that gives me satisfaction. I notice from the number of orders coming in and new vacancies that we are getting bigger. Nevertheless, we continue to maintain open communication and a family atmosphere.

How would you convince someone to join your team?

In the warehouse, there is a relaxed atmosphere and a clear structure. You will be joining a friendly team where people not only work hard but also laugh a lot. There is plenty of variety, and you can work safely. There are considerably few work accidents in our warehouse due to the equipment and materials we have at our disposal. It is not physically demanding work, but we can use the necessary equipment if there are heavier pieces in between. Given the open communication, I think it is essential to know if one of my warehouse workers has a problem, whether it is private or work-related. If you need leave, this is always negotiable. There is a lot of flexibility, but we expect this from the workforce. It has to be a win-win situation, of course. If you are motivated, enthusiastic and willing to work two shifts, I would very much like to welcome you to my team.

New Project (29) (1)

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